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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Finally, l get the last task from our lecture Sir Izuan which is second reviewing toward my subject this semester. This semester I carry 7 subjects, which are BEL311, FIN262, CTU241, QMT 216 , ECO211, BMD 101 and ‘Institusi Pengurusan Masjid’

BEL 311
First subject is BEL311, I hope this subject I will get much better than last semester. I feel this subject is tough because I have to prepare the term paper. My partner Jannah and me do our best but sometimes we not focus and we always not take serious when do the term paper hehehe. I will remind and try to memories all that Sir Izuan had teaches to us especially on how to do the proper term paper. I feel happy when enter this class because Sir Izuan more friendly and sometimes he likes to make he cute face but he not realize it huhuhu. I hope will do perfectly during the final exam. Thank you sir because teach us a lot.

CTU 241

Secondly is CTU241, this is subject about Islamic economics. Even, all my friends think that this subject is easy but to me is a tough. About the test ‘ Alhamdulillah’. Our lecturer , Miss Aishah I like the way she teach us because she will make our class become more fun and enjoyable. Lastly I like when she smile and make fun.

QMT 216

QMT 216 is stand for Introduction to Statistic which is the subject that I always afraid because in my first test I get not the best result but for the test 2 just around the corner. I so afraid at time but I hope I can do it better for the second test. I hope our projects will help on our carry marks. For your information I not really understand about the subject during class but I have to study with my own and my friend. Professor Madya Ruhana binti Zainuddin is like my mother because she like to
motivate their student.

FIN 262

For the next subject, which is FIN262, I hope I will struggle for this subject because this subject is very importance. I hope I will try my best and not give up earlier. I know that I can do it better than the first test.


Macroeconomics. I feel so bored during this subject classes because I not really understand the way the lecturer teach us of. I think this subject not so difficult to understand. My first test in this subject is not really good. I hope I can do better.


BMD101stands for Mandarin. I really love and enjoy this subject. Our lecturer, Laoshi Lim was very funny and makes me comfortable with him. I love this subject and I hope I can do a good performance in assignment. The best thing about this subject is no final exam.

'Institusi Pengurusan Masjid’

I enjoy during the class because I learn more and become a better person. About the assignment I have to memories 5 ‘surah’ from AL-QURAN. Alhamdulillah I get the easy ‘surah’. Thank you uztaz because teach me a lot.