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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Finally, l get the last task from our lecture Sir Izuan which is second reviewing toward my subject this semester. This semester I carry 7 subjects, which are BEL311, FIN262, CTU241, QMT 216 , ECO211, BMD 101 and ‘Institusi Pengurusan Masjid’

BEL 311
First subject is BEL311, I hope this subject I will get much better than last semester. I feel this subject is tough because I have to prepare the term paper. My partner Jannah and me do our best but sometimes we not focus and we always not take serious when do the term paper hehehe. I will remind and try to memories all that Sir Izuan had teaches to us especially on how to do the proper term paper. I feel happy when enter this class because Sir Izuan more friendly and sometimes he likes to make he cute face but he not realize it huhuhu. I hope will do perfectly during the final exam. Thank you sir because teach us a lot.

CTU 241

Secondly is CTU241, this is subject about Islamic economics. Even, all my friends think that this subject is easy but to me is a tough. About the test ‘ Alhamdulillah’. Our lecturer , Miss Aishah I like the way she teach us because she will make our class become more fun and enjoyable. Lastly I like when she smile and make fun.

QMT 216

QMT 216 is stand for Introduction to Statistic which is the subject that I always afraid because in my first test I get not the best result but for the test 2 just around the corner. I so afraid at time but I hope I can do it better for the second test. I hope our projects will help on our carry marks. For your information I not really understand about the subject during class but I have to study with my own and my friend. Professor Madya Ruhana binti Zainuddin is like my mother because she like to
motivate their student.

FIN 262

For the next subject, which is FIN262, I hope I will struggle for this subject because this subject is very importance. I hope I will try my best and not give up earlier. I know that I can do it better than the first test.


Macroeconomics. I feel so bored during this subject classes because I not really understand the way the lecturer teach us of. I think this subject not so difficult to understand. My first test in this subject is not really good. I hope I can do better.


BMD101stands for Mandarin. I really love and enjoy this subject. Our lecturer, Laoshi Lim was very funny and makes me comfortable with him. I love this subject and I hope I can do a good performance in assignment. The best thing about this subject is no final exam.

'Institusi Pengurusan Masjid’

I enjoy during the class because I learn more and become a better person. About the assignment I have to memories 5 ‘surah’ from AL-QURAN. Alhamdulillah I get the easy ‘surah’. Thank you uztaz because teach me a lot.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Assalammualaikum this week my task is “MY FIRST DAY iN UiTM SEGAMAT”. My first impression when I get this task is happy because my first day in UiTM is quite interesting. The first day I enter my feet in UiTM Segamat is on 26th December 2008. My family decide go after “subuh” Then we arrived at 8.30 am. I’m the earlier during that day. Fortunately that the registration already has opened. So, luckily the person that in charge me is my father friends. So, to me is easy and the registration become smooth….

After settle the registration process, I get my room number which is 128 A, at Si manja kini Collage. First time I saw my room I’m so sad because I’m alone, my roommate is not arrive yet. After that my family helps me to tidy up all my things. After that my family decide to go back to home. That time I feel sad and want to cry but I must to be strong. I feel lucky because someone beside my room ‘IZZATI’ approach me, she also new student. IZZATI is the only one that different course with me. So I don’t need feel afraid anymore because I already have friend.
All the new student has to enter one program which is orientation week or ‘Minggu Mesra Siswa’ (MMS). At that time also I get know other friends. What the surprise is I met again with someone I know when I at PLKN, Fatin which is the same PLKN with me. I don’t think we can meet again. So that time I don’t feel worry.

To me orientation week is very importance at the same time I feel tired huhuhuh. The first day all my program at Masjid As-Syakirin. We have to listen ceramah, “solat jemaah” and many more.

Actually, it is a sweet memory for us because for me it funny and happy time. After the orientation I knew that it is not easy to become student. J…

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


5 facts about men...
Men are protective
- Men are protective especially when they become a father. They are very concern and protective to their family. I can see this attitude via my father. He is very protective towards their children and also her beloved wife. Here, protective means that we as woman will feel safe when we be with them. Nowadays, to find men that always protect us is quite difficult because quality men are decrease day by day.
Men are leader
- Men are more suitable to be a leader compared with women. My beloved friends, do you agree with this statement?. For sure I am agreeing with this statement... We are not suitable to be leader because we are emotional compared with men. In our religion also mentioned about this fact. Islam stressed that men should be a leader in whatever situation. They do not weak like us my friends.
Men are caring
- At first I do not agree with this statement. Maybe I am experienced it and I felt men are not caring towards women. However, through the journey of this life, I found that, there are men that really caring towards me. I am very appreciating it.
Men are ego
- I know that you all must familiar with this fact right??? Men are ego. They are ego in terms of many things especially when something related with their own credibility and potential. Sometimes, men need to have ego in order to make sure that they have right as a leader. However, if men cannot control their ego, it will create problems in future especially when they marry.
Men are Independent
- This fact is true. Men are independent than women. When we talked about men, they like to be independent because they free to do anything that they want without any barrier. In more details, men are independent in making decision. Compared with women, women are more dependent in doing something especially in making decision

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I hate......

I hate:
- I hate smokers. It is because, they will make me in trouble...the smoke is very terrible and I hate the smell.
Dirty places
- I hate dirty places. It makes me uncomfortable and because of this I have to make sure that my bedroom and all the places in my house clean all the time.
- Pimples will make me feel uncomfortable and decrease my self-esteem. When I have pimples, I feel that everyone looking at me but it is only my imagination...hehehe. The worst thing, I am really hope that there are no presentation when I have pimples.
- I hate exam. It will make me stress and tired. When the time of exam, I will eat a lot and at that time, my weight will increase.
- When I have problems, it will make me suffer. I cannot concentrate in whatever I do. Besides, if I have problems I always share it with my best friend.
Wake up late
- When I am wake up late, it will make in trouble especially if I have to go to class. At that time, I just wear any baju kurung that in front of me. One incident that happened to me when I wake up late, when I am forgot to bring text books and the implication of this I got the punishment from my class teacher. All of these happened because I am wake up late!
Yellow color
-For me this color make me weak in terms of my spirit. I hate this color.
- I hate cats. It is because I have bad experience towards the cat. Sometimes, I feel that I am very cruel person because I hate cat but I cannot hide my bad feelings towards the cat.
- Chocolate will make me fat especially if I buy Cadbury chocolates. Even though the taste is good but I must avoid myself from eat chocolate.

Hypocrite people
- I hate hypocrite people because they are pretending and not show their true self. For me, we have to be our own self in order to make other people accept us.

Monday, March 1, 2010

hope all of my wishes will come true :)

10 wishes that I want to achieved in my life.....
1. I want to be good daughter to my parents. It is because they scarify a lot of things just because of me. At this time I want to fulfil everything that they want for instance affection, attention, materials things and so on.
2. I want to get marry. At this time, I want to get marry with somebody that I love very much. I hope that, my husband understand my career, temperament and so on. For your information I am the person that not too choosy. It is enough if the person that I love, understand and love me.
3. I want to get high salary. My aim is I want to be CEO in banking area. At this time I hope that, my salary is around 50,000 per month. Maybe it is impossible but I try to achieve it.
4. When I have my own property I want to build mosque and give donation to the needy. It is because I don’t want to see any person suffer in this world. As a good khalifah, I have to share my property to others especially to needy.
5. Next, I want to build big house for my parents. I want to make them comfortable when be in the house. I want to make the house in the village because I love that environment.
6. I want to continue my study until PHD. Maybe it takes time but I try to accomplish it. For me, education is for the long life and not just for the short time that is, to get high salary. In addition, when I have PHD It will help me improve a lot of things in terms of my credibility.
7. I want to have my own restaurant with by family names. It is because I like to cook and at the same time I love to eat. What is the special of my restaurant is, the food is free for the poor and it will charge half price for the ordinary person. Maybe it sound quite bias right?... but I want to help them.. I don’t want to see this person suffer because of do not get enough food.
8. I want to have big and expensive cars such as Mercedes and BMW. I want to make the company of these car design special car just for me and it only one in this world.
9. Last but not least, I want to have my own spa. If I have any problems or stress with my works, I will go to my spa to relax my mind and body.
10. Lastly, my wish in my life is I want to be good servant for Allah S.W.T. I want to improve my ibadah and try to be the person that has good morals and so on....pray for me my friends.....wassalam.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day....

Valentine’s Day...
14 February.......Some of us really appreciate this day....isn’t??
This day is very special for each couple to celebrate their love...However, this day is not only for couple but also this day is very special for us to celebrate love with anyone that we love in this world such as mother, father and so on....
Opssssss....is that as a muslim we suppose to celebrate this day???What are your opinion guys??
From my point of view, as a muslim we do not supposed to celebrate this day because valentine’s day is more to Christian’s people and unislamic...If we celebrate it, we are similar like them....do you think so???
In islam, if we love someone we have to celebrate it everyday and everytime. We do not have to wait until special day like valentine’s day, mother’s day and father’s day to to celebrate it.... Sorry...this statement is not for couple because in Islam we are prohibited from coupling...Actually my statement is for people that love their father, mother, their God and so on... So start from now we have to turn far away from valentine day because it is haram in Islam......wassalam

Monday, February 8, 2010

Love from my heart.....

Where is the love????.........
Assalamualaikum my dear friends...this is one of the lyrics of Black Eyed Peas that show us about love.....do you like this song???? I write this lyric because it is relate with the topic that I will share with you all...

Love, love and love.......actually the definition of love is too wide...It is depends on the person himself or herself, how they define love from their own perspectives......Maybe some of you relate love between boyfriend and girlfriend and maybe some of you relate love with their parents...It is too wide right???
However, I have my own definition about love that I want to share with you all my friends....For me when I am fall in love with something it is really make me in my own world. It is funny right???With this statement maybe some of you think that the definition of love from my own perspective is love between boyfriend and girlfriend right???...It is absolutely wrong my dear friends....

Love is special for my family especially my parents...They are very important for me and without them I do not know what will happen to me... When I am with them this world is only for me and for my family...no one is important for me except them.....
Besides, for me love is special for me and Allah S.W.T...It is not difficult to make Him fall in love with us...just do whatever Allah S.W.T said....It is easy right???....In addition, it is normal if we fall in love with somebody especially with the opposite gender... It means between male and female and vice versa. However, we have to remind to ourselves that if we fall in love with somebody it is not guarantee that we will be with them forever....So it show that love towards Allah S.W.T is permanent and forever......wassalam.